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ShotFlow One is a Lucie Technical Award Finalist for the second year in a row! More info here.

Capture Integration and Northplains announce ShotFlow One and Xinet integration partnership. More info here.

High Volume Photo Production Just Changed Forever. Learn more here.

Capture Integration and Focal Media Group Announce Integration Partnership Enabling Fashion Brands to Accelerate Visual Content Production. Read all about it here.

Articles from the ShotFlow One team:

Eric Fulmer

VP of Operations & Strategic Growth

Josh Booth

Senior Software Architect


Spreadsheets: The "Killer App" that is Killing Creative Ops Efficiency


How changing fashion Seasons impact the creative technology toolset: 'Tis the Season for Fundamental Transformation

Considering the next big transition in fashion imaging, from 2D to 3D: Fashion Imagery in the Next Dimension

Exploring the struggle of fashion brands to keep up with consumers and thoughts on the People / Process / Technology challenges inherent to seeking change: “The Zara Effect”: Fashion Turns Inside Out


A four-part series of articles for WhichPLM Magazine on the challenges of visual content production for fashion brands in the new multi-channel world:

Article 1:
The Camel’s Back is Broken; Visual Content in a Multi-Channel Era

Article 2:
Closing the Data ‘Black Hole’ in High Volume Visual Content Production

Article 3:
Content Congestion; the need for modern production & approval workstreams

Article 4:
Viva La DAM Revolution! 

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